== Érico's place ==


Individual projects

  • avahi-dns: turn mDNS domains as reported by Avahi into DNS records. Might someday become a proper DNS server.
  • dnsquery: DNS client written for learning purposes.
  • ep: my shell prompt. Uses threads oportunistically.
  • erm: a threaded rm(1) implementation. Use at your own peril.
  • get-otp: shell + C project for a very simple terminal client for TOTP codes, without depending on a phone.
  • purr-c: C project using BearSSL to learn some networking, basic crypto and SSL. It is mainly a client for the PurritoBin pastebin, but also grew to include a Gemini client.

No longer being used or developed

  • AppPauser: Go project on Linux for sending SIGSTP and SIGCON signals to a monitored application.
  • AppPauserRunit: Re-implementation of AppPauser, but using runit + shell instead. Much tidier.
  • aluno_exatas: tools for simplifying data processing after lab procedures, in Python.
  • generate-sb-efi: Python utility for dealing with UEFI bundles.


These are some projects I have contributed to, and would recommend checking out. Due to packaging (and sometimes even documentation) work in Void Linux, I have also made small contributions to many projects. Every little bit helps, even if it’s just some build system clean up 😀.

Void Linux

Void Linux: an independent Linux distribution. I am part of the organization, and have contributed packaging and documentation.

System software

  • fish-shell: the user-friendly command line shell.
  • musl libc: a small, standards compliant standard C library for Linux systems.
  • sbctl: a Secure Boot manager that aims to provide a consistent UI for key management.
  • sndio: small audio and MIDI framework.
  • ugrep: ultra fast grep alternative.
  • util-linux: set of basic system utilities, complements coreutils.
  • zfs: OpenZFS, the ZFS implementation used on Linux and FreeBSD.
  • zfsbootmenu: a Linux bootloader that intends to provide a similar experience to FreeBSD’s bootloader, which allows a user to have multiple boot environments as well as easy access and management of ZFS snapshots.


  • Waybar: a customizable status bar for Wayland compositors.
  • Wayfire: a 3D Wayland compositor inspired by Compiz. Features great wobbling windows.
  • gammastep: a life saver application to adjust the color temperature of the screen.
  • kanshi: dynamic display configuration for Wayland.
  • nwg-launchers: varied launchers for Wayland compositors.

Other projects